MAID - Lunar Spell, No Such Luck


MAID - Lunar Spell, No Such Luck


1/1 A3 Original artwork by MAID, created exclusively for The Culprit Club group show, No Such Luck

Available online for a limited time. 

Tell us about the piece you’re creating for No Such Luck - what’s the story behind it?

The werewolf is breaking the chains from the captive woman. But if you look closer, she already is one with the werewolves.

What materials did you use to create it? 

Ironlak permanent markers on watercolour paper. Thank fuck I used permanent markers because when I finished I spilt a whole glass of water over it! Speaking of luck!

Are you superstitious, if so - what of? 

I believe in beings, creatures, entities beyond our sight. I find it impossible not to believe that their are things beyond what we physically see. But I respect it and I'm not going to fuck with things beyond the grave. I do dip into some "devils music" on a good day.

What should you be afraid of on Friday 13th? 

The devil eating my soul... 

What’s the most unlucky thing that’s ever happened to you?

Once I found a dollar on the ground, but when I tried to pick it up it was stuck to the ground. Fml. 

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