the culprit club resident artist harley and handen



Our current resident babe, Harley and Handen is a Brisbane local working primarily with paper collage and hand-embroidery. 

Throughout her residency with The Culprit Club she is creating an embroidered and embellished denim jacket surrounding the theme of heartbreak. You can keep up with her her experiences and progress as she makes and creates in the gallery by following her youtube vlogs, which she is creating each day she's working in store. Keep an eye on her social accounts for more info and updates!

Peep her videos here -

culprit club artist residency ink boy



Our first interstate resident, Melbourne's own Inkboy stole our hearts from the get go. Smashing out an insane amount of individual and collaborative projects throughout his four- week residency placement, Mike truly brought new life to The Culprit Club. 

Projects he worked while in Brisbane with us included a series of digital caricatures of local laneway personalties titled 'Culprit Kids', a brush work mural inside the gallery (pictured), 2 x large scale brush and aerosol murals on the outside of the gallery and Winn Lane,  a feature mural for Beach Burrito Co's second 'Creative Creatures' birthday party, as well as a (now sold) artwork collaboration piece in our first birthday group show, Back To Square One. 



Chris Doyle was an incredibly unique resident to The Culprit Club, using his time in the space to work on a series of silk screen and wood block original artworks and prints which featured in his follow up solo debut in the gallery titled, LITANY. 

Working primarily with traditional printmaking techniques, Chris's work focuses on the history of printmaking and the social impact of image dissemination. His deep concepts and intricate methods of creation really stand out amongst the sea of artists Brisbane.



Brisbane sweet-heart, Lucinda Wolber took to her residency placement with giant splash of colour, creating a body of work titled 'Nude Life' throughout her time at The Culprit Club.

Creating her works in store with ink and watercolour paint, her cheeky creations explored the  thoughts and ideas of all the funny things people do while in the nude.

After completing her residency she went on to feature in The Culprit Club one year birthday show, Back To Square One selling her piece which was a collaboration with co-resident artist, Inkboy. 

bella reboul culprit club artist residency



As our very first resident artist kicking off the Culprit Club residency program, Brisbane based visual artist and law/zoology student, Bella Reboul brought as much shine to the space as she did purpose.

Using her uniquely patient technique of pen to paper 'stippling' (dot work) she created a series of ethically focused artworks throughout her time with us, the series now known as 'Exodus'.  With her animals coming to life on the page, the series focused on global biodiversity and the loss observed in the recent past through the portrayal of extinct vertebrates. 

Bella recieved an Ironlak Art and Design sponsorship throughout her residency placement, and sold a number of Exodus prints through the gallery and store.