NEW IN STORE: Jordan Debney Giclee Prints

We're very excited to have a number of limited edition prints and zines by Jordan Debney now available in store and online! We have a few sneaky side projects coming up with super soon with this legend, so keep an eye out on socials for JD updates comin' at ya!

In the mean time - peep your eyes on his limited edition zine - MESMER ( there's only two left in existence & we've got them) PLUS these gorgeous Giclee prints. In the art world “Giclee” (or zhee-clay, if ya fancy) is a fine art printing method of the highest quality standard using a combination of specialty software and hardware. It’s direct translation means, 'the thing that got sprayed' - referring to the inks application process to the paper.  We can't rave enough about the quality of these bad boys - super excited!