JUST ANNOUNCED: Arswandaru Chayo - Bad Things In Everything

The Culprit Club is proud to announce, ‘BAD THINGS IN EVERYTHING’ - a debut solo exhibition by ARSWANDARU CHAYO.

EVENT LINK: https://www.facebook.com/events/327941357649015/

Arswandaru Chayo The Culprit Club Bad Things In Everything Brisbane Australian Indonesia

Born in Jurakarta, Indonesia, now residing in Bali, Arswandaru is the first international artist to debut at The Culprit Club.

When asked to describe his work in one sentence, Arswandaru turned to the words of C. Bukowski. “Great art is horseshit, buy tacos,” he said. 

Arswandaru Cahyo’s ‘Bad Things in Everything’ is an exploration of daily life, in particular the iconic influence of technology in the modern world. 

Arswandaru’s satirical style and quirky characters convey the nuances of these themes. He draws upon his personal experiences to create surreal and psychedelic settings with his sought after, tattoo-inspired style. 

It’s with huge excitement and pride that we welcome Arwswandaru to our walls.

Join us Friday, September 15th for the launch of ‘Bad Things In Everything’