As a close friend and extended family to The Culprit Club, it gives us great pleasure to introduce ProCreativ. Having spent many years travelling, he cut his teeth early in the streets of Brisbane. Now working from his studio at Jugglers Art Space in Fortitude Valley, he spends the bulk of his time working on murals and large-scale projects in the area. With his hunger for new challenges, proficiency in aerosol, brush and digital mediums and 20+ years of experience, ProCreativ splashes dedication and talent through each piece he creates. His style is as commendable as his kind, creative soul. 

procreativ the culprit club

How would you describe your style in one sentence? 
Tentacle inspired, funkified movement, with a touch of darkness and a twist of light. 

Tell us about the current piece you have available at The Culprit Club?
“Octoblast”. It’s an exploding octopus. Acrylic on canvas. 

Where did your creative career begin, and how did it progress to where you are now? 
It began with copying my uncles 70s record sleeves as a 10 year old kid, I then discovered illegal graffiti at 13 which blew my mind. Most of my art training was done on the streets during the 90s.. This eventually led me to crave creativity of any kind. I was in a career where I wasn’t happy, so I ended it, and began my art journey. Now I work on mural projects, illustrations, canvases, digital art, hand painted signage and art installation. 

Who are your major creative influences, and why? 
So many and for so many different reasons. Alphonse Mucha and H R Giger had a massive influence on me in my younger days, with the flow and energy in their works. Glen Barr, Anthony Ausgang, AAron Horkey, Hannah Yattah, Onour, Rough, Robert Williams and the list goes on. Old school writers like Merda, Delta, Puzle, Cruel, Dio. They were, and still are, true style innovators. My daughter, just because. My friends and peers who are always pushing forward. They influence my drive. 

What’s the best and worst things about being a Brisbane local artist? 
Best thing: Being part of something that is alive and thriving, with a bright future.  Worst thing: Not enough diversity in artists getting opportunities.... And all that buff. 

Do you find it difficult sourcing paid mural work in the city? 
Sometimes. It depends how hard I go looking for it.

If we were to trawl through your studio, what would we find? 
Paint, works in progress, a sketch book from 1990. My studio is my base but anywhere can become a makeshift work space. 

What’s the future got in store for Procreativ?
A life time of creativity. Keep sharpening the blades. Exciting projects and good times. 

Where can people find more of your work? 
A few random walls around Brisbane, several bars in the valley, Aether Brewing at Milton has my art on all their beers, my lounge room, and I exhibit regularly in group art exhibitions like No Acronym.

@Procreativ and @Procreativ_digital on instagram

www.facebook.com/procreativ   /    www.procreativ.com.au