We are WILD with excitement to be launching Brisbane’s largest display of Women’s Street Art alongside BAM - Brisbane Art Matriarchs, Brisbane City Council, and Queensland College of Art, Griffith University through debut Outdoor Gallery Exhibition, ‘WOMEN’S WORK’, showcasing August 12, 2019.


'WOMEN'S WORK' will deliver high-impact visual art that serves as a signature identifier to Brisbane City, displaying leading female artists across 10 large scale, inner-city locations.

The exhibition features the work of twelve local artists, designers and practitioners including Courtney Brims, Claire Tracey, Dominique Falla, Emma Wright, Lusid Art, Mosessa, Nicola Holly, Rachael Sarra, Rae Cooper, Sarah Hazlehurst, Tori-Jay Mordey and Zoe Porter.

Eagle Lane - Artwork by Alex Saba (Lusid Art)
Edison Lane - Artwork by Courtney Brims
Edward Street - Artwork by Dominique Falla
Edward Street - Artwork by Claire Tracey
Fish Lane - Artwork by Rae Cooper
Hutton Lane - Artwork by Emma Wright
Irish Lane - Artwork by Rachael Sarra
King George Square Car Park - Artwork by Mosessa
William Jolly Bridge - Artwork by Tori-Jay Mordey (dates TBA)

'WOMEN'S WORK' contributes to Brisbane as a vibrant and culturally inclusive creative community, while providing equal opportunity, equitable employment and ongoing development opportunities for women in the art and design industry.

“Gender bias remains a major problem in the modern art world. ‘Women’s Work’ sets out to create a new standard for equality“ - Exhibition Curator, Nicola Holly

“Putting a spotlight on the theme of ‘Women’s Work’ gives everyone a moment to consider how we value, perceive and recognise the work of all people”. - Exhibition Curator, Rae Cooper

"‘We are very proud to be a team of independent, innovative and resilient women, representing and promoting excellence and equality in art throughout our city.”  - Exhibition Curator, Sarah Hazlehurst

“These women have created artworks that capture the heart of Brisbane and respond to its landscape from modern and historical perspectives .”  - Exhibition Curator, Claire Tracey.

The ‘Women’s Work’ Outdoor Gallery exhibition commences August 12, 2019 and will run until December, 2019. 

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Steven Falco - Wall Studies Exhibition Recap

Huge thank-you to everyone who came out to Falco's exhibition launch of 'Wall Studies' on Friday! Such a crazy sucess with the entire show selling out before 9PM! In case you missed out, here's a few snaps of the event captured by our photographer, Markus Ravik. Limited print releases of Falco's pieces will be available via our online store this week - stay tuned!



After months of you lot whinging that most of our apparel range is sold out of sizes, we finally got our shit together and listened to your cries! This cheeky culprit tee (featuring our brand spakin' new handstyle design) comes in two AS colour ways, (gold and pink) and they're all hand screen printed locally in Brisbane! As always, we do limited runs on all apparel, so get your eyes around the pre-order link and order one now while we've got ya god damn size!


We're so honoured to be in Sydney, hanging at aMBUSH Gallery for 'Praise You' - an exhibition with the power to make a difference. Experience the unfolding of this incredible show, curated by our good friend, Lusid Art has been an insane and inspiring journey.

Join us this Friday at aMBUSH, and experience the 30 pieces on display, by 30 creative females from around the world.

The night will also feature, DJ Nes-t, Elizabeth Rose and Annie Bass, live speakers, raffle prizes (from major sponsors), catering (food and drinks),  and limited edition artist t-shirts and live speakers. This is going to be HUGE.

the culprit club ambush gallery brisbane sydney praise you
praise you ambush gallery the culprit club sydney brisbane
praise you sydney brisbane ambush gallery lusid art
praise you ambush gallery the culprit club
praise you the culprit club ambush gallery
praise you ambush gallery the culprit club sydney brisbane
kate pullen praise you the culprit club brisbane
amy clemens praise you the culprit club

ALL PROCEEDS donated directly to the Butterfly Foundation, working in support of people suffering from negative body image and eating disorders. 

RSVP HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/481401472236636/


"Somnambulists is a six part film series that follows the actions of MAID and RETRO on their recent Italian adventure. The series takes a fresh approach to filming, editing and track selection which results in high-end filming, drone footage, slow cuts, and bleeding edge bass music taking you on a journey so intimate you’ll feel like you’re sitting on the tracks eating spaghetti bolognese."

With the 3rd edition of Somnambulists, 'Greetings from Genoa ' fresh on our screens, we catch up with the infamous Aussie duo, MAID and RETRO to talk through the Somnambulists series, and their shared 'sleepwalker' experiences across Italy.

CC:  Tell us about how did the Somnambulists concept come about?

RETRO: I guess always watching graffiti movies with gangsta rap on real fast pace never really gave me the feeling that I was there, as I've experienced it first hand. So I tried looking for songs and found it was the slow pace video editing that made me feel like I was there in the moment.

MAID: Retro was the ideas man behind it all. I think he did an awesome job giving it the right feel. Spots can be very stressful, but painting is a very quiet activity. We returned from the US and were a bit sad we couldn't create something to share of our travels and painting so next trip we locked in Tom Rolfe to come and shoot it all.

CC: You’ve gone into the definition of the word in the video descriptions (Noun: A condition that is characterised by walking while asleep or in a hypnotic trance.) Is this how painting feels to you?

RETRO: Feeling calm in these experiences is important most of the time....

MAID: Mostly, yeah. Painting can be another world. I feel completely free to roam around and do what I feel. It’s a nice peaceful trance.

CC: What was your favourite model and why?

RETRO: for me, Rome... we met with great people. We painted a model in a spot that I've tried several times over the years, so to get that done felt really good!

MAID: The Northern line - model and colour!

CC: What was your favourite destination and why?

RETRO: Napoli for the Pizza and metro.

MAID: It’s a hard one. I loved travelling through all the cities and seeing all different ways of life and architecture. Although, Napoli did have beach of cats and Mt. Vesuvius!!

CC: How did it compare to painting at home?

RETRO: At home I’m chill.. I work plenty to feed my addiction of travelling and painted a few times every year. I still love painting here, but there seems to always be problems and too many politics that come with it...

MAID: Yes, I agree. I wish we painted more at home, but at the moment we are just focusing on working at home.

CC: Do you always paint as a pair?

RETRO: Umm yeah. For the last couple of years it has been a consistent doing. It works well because we are both pretty relaxed in these moments. We are both motivated to travel and consistently try paint while away.

MAID: Mostly. Even if one of us has planned to paint, the other will come for the drive but then most likely do something too.

CC: If we were to trawl through your travel bags, what would we find?

RETRO: SD cards, cameras, a few t-shirts and shorts.

MAID: Lots of random shit. Good jeans, sneakers and goretex. Drawing supplies, a crystal, shells, a good book and oils.

CC: Can you tell us something that happened along that way that we won’t see in the clips? 

RETRO: A whole lot of driving was done over that 3 weeks... not a whole lot of relaxing though.

MAID: Some close calls and weird conversations with police. Then there was all the rad people who made me coffee, and Tom’s Rolfe sleep deprivation.

CC: What were the major highlights?

RETRO: Pizza, gelato and overall just doing galves.

MAID: A line, B line, Margaritas in Napoli. 

CC: What’s next for MAID and RETRO?

RETRO: Well the plan is hopefully to do another trip by the end of the year, but it's hard to leave an Australian summer for an international winter....

MAID: More travel and more painting. And hopefully release some artwork pieces together!

Keep an eye on @liquidpastels and @blogtheif instagram accounts for updates, and catch the next episode coming soon via the @ironlak youtube channel. 


HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to The Club on Friday night for Joe's debut SELL OUT show, Nervous Wreck.  All 16 hand painted plates were snapped up in two hours - insane! Giant congratulations to our friend Joe. 

Read up more about the show's concept, here. 

Joe O'Toole - Nervous Wreck Launching at The Culprit Club

The Culprit Club is proud to announce, NERVOUS WRECK - a debut solo exhibition by JOE O’TOOLE.

RSVP HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/343415562758493

Working with both enamel and acrylic paint to produce his traditional sign writing/ hand lettering style, the focus of Joe’s work to date is the mechanics of creating letters by hand, both on a small and large scale.

born to loose brisbane the culprit club joe o'toole

NERVOUS WRECK will showcase a series of Joe’s hand painted porcelain plates, expressing a collection of honest, brave and touchingly bold statements to form a self-portrait of his personal anxiety. 

“My grandmother loved kitsch decorations. The decorations which were most fascinating to her were the plates. Not only the bizarre nature of the plates, but the sheer quantity she owned made me realise their significance to her. They were symbolic of the manifestation of an overcompensation of having something ‘nice’, to distract herself from being dull.”

“The painted truisms are a personal reflection of my patterns of anxiety. The four stages are perceived conflict, victimhood, pity and resolution -each stage being characterised by the painted letters.”

“The works I have created are a reflection of my personal realisation that I have an irrational anxiety of abandonment, and a habit of making the same mistakes over and over again. Always recognising the patterns of conflict, but failing to break them. The decorative plates are representative of my unreasonable perceived fragility of human connections.”

LAUNCHING: Friday, August 4, 6PM

nervous wreck the culprit club joe o'toole brisbane
the culprit club nervous wreck joe o'toole brisbane fortitude valley hand type sign writing


This week our friend ProCreativ gave the gallery wall some flavour! Completed entirely with brush and acrylics, it's safe to say he went well past the extra mile on this one. Pop into Winn Lane and check it out before out next show in June!

Check back to our last interview with the legend here.


For mural enquiries for your business, contact Steve at http://www.procreativ.com.au/

Having spent many years travelling, ProCreativ cut his teeth early in the streets of Brisbane. Now working from his studio at Jugglers Art Space in Fortitude Valley, he spends the bulk of his time working on murals and large-scale projects in the area. With his hunger for new challenges, proficiency in aerosol, brush and digital mediums and 20+ years of experience, ProCreativ splashes dedication and talent through each piece he creates. His style is as commendable as his kind, creative soul.