One of our all time favourite artists, INARI from Sydney, Australia is exhibiting in the PRAISE YOU exhibition this Thursday and we are stoked to see her returning to Brisbane walls! Inari gets in deep with our interview, talking about the inspiration and meaning behind her latest artwork.


WHO IS INARI AS INDIVIDUAL AND AN ARTIST: Very silly, air-headed deep thinker who won't say no to a challenge.

TELL US ABOUT THE ARTWORK YOU CREATED FOR PRAISE YOU? I’ve painted a portrait of a new yet close friend. She is a super fun woman with a contagious personality, so I’ve tried to capture a still of her beautiful smile illustrating her up beat personality but this deepness.

I truly believe she is (to me) an emotional relative and though we have only recently met, i feel the sadness, the trauma, the heartbreak and neglect she holds inside.

I feel as woman, we are biological created to carry and nurture, but we also carry and nurture the pain and hurt of many others around us. I've tried to illustrate this and hope that this painting is a little gift of encouragement. Alexis, I Praise You!

YOU ALSO CREATED A PIECE FOR 2018 PRASIE YOU, WHAT WAS THE CONCEPT FOR THAT WORK? The portrait I painted last year was of my sister’s close friend. The act of posing for the photograph and letting me paint her is, I think, is a process of healing in itself.

It was a very straight faced nude woman and though from an outsiders perspective she may be perceived as a beautiful, well shaped woman. Beneath her skin, behind her still eyes is the pain and torment she has endured living in her skin. It breaks my heart. I wrote a little poem to accompany the piece, giving her praise and love, and hopefully some healing from the pain she wears.

WHAT DOES THE EXHIBITION MEAN TO YOU? I feel it's a place to share the intimacies of a woman and who better to share them, than a woman. A place to share pain, love and stories of females artists, hopefully giving women a freedom through unity. The female figure has been swooned by artists forever but a woman painting a woman gives another perspective, a deeper insight into these beautiful, delicate, fierce and exploited beings.

Through the visual outpour from those with a female heart, we can hopefully be strengthen and not alienated through this expression and raising charity.

WHAT'S THE BEST AND THE WORST THING ABOUT BEING A FEMALE IN THE INDUSTRY? I don't like to think about myself being a female artist, I create what I want to do. It’s nice to paint big murals and see young girls so intrigued (hopefully at me physically painting and not the amount of paint on my face and clothes). I hope that I inspire girls to just do their thing!

WHAT OTHER PROJECTS ARE YOU WORKING ON AT THE MOMENT? I've started a tattoo apprenticeship, so it takes a lot of my time! But I really need to put together an exhibition!! Stay tuned...

WHAT ARVICE WOULD YOU PASS ONTO ANYONE STRUGGLING WITH PERSONAL PURPOSE AND/OR BODY ISSUES? Start something. Go for a walk, start a drawing, plan an event. Begin something. As small as it may seem, it will lead to bigger and better things.

Inari 2019 for ‘Praise You’

Inari 2019 for ‘Praise You’

Join us tomorrow evening to celebrate the launch of ‘Praise You’ with Inari, Lusid Art and Une Piece!