- Guilty of greatness-

Born from creative frustration, artistic adoration and a hollaback history of bad decisions, comes The Culprit Club, a pocket-sized gallery and retail store.

Our motive is motivation. We aim to exhibit the best and the worst from Australia's creative counterparts. The art we advertise needs no restriction or regulation. Our intention is to create, collaborate, accept, expand, educate and inform.

The Culprit Club stands to be a close, creative community all of it’s own. The story behind the name (as we're so regularly asked) is representative of ironic innocence. ‘Culprit’ is widely understood as an individual guilty of a crime. Someone known as a villain, a cheat, or ostracised offender. Culprit has a lingering negative stigma, one that's followed founders and counterparts of our community without prevail. The meaning of the ‘Club’ is reflective of our togethertherness as a community of like-minded individuals, all completely different but intrinsically linked by a love for creative expression. The underlining irony in the story is that we're all still here, as a growing collective of 'culprits' , and the only thing we're really guilty of is greatness.

The purpose of the The Culprit Club as a gallery is to allow our walls to speak loudly to all who are willing to listen, and to express the voices of those often unheard.  The Culprit Club exhibits contemporary art that needs no restriction or regulation. Whatever the art form, we hope it pleases your eyes and challenges your thoughts to learn someone new.

This space is our heart and home. We’re excited to open the doors to new artists and opportunities, so please get in touch and connect with us.

To everyone who said we were nothing, fuck you. To everyone who believed we'd be something, The Culprit Club is all for you. 

Gallery booking and resident enquiries - hello@theculpritclub.com